How to use Surveys?

Enter the Sandbox section in Surveys and create your first survey.

You can choose between three types of questions:


Hit the switch

, if you want the question not to be required.

Now set the name of survey and click


Remember that the name will be visible for your agents and customers.

Great! As you can see, your survey is now inactive.

It mean that your agents won't be able to send that survey to the customers while chatting.

Click the switch

, to start collecting data from your customers.

Now go to the Chat section.

While chatting, click the small icon

in the bottom of message box.

It's a Surveys panel for agents.

Now you can choose the right survey.

Click on the box, then send it to the customer.

The customer will now be able to complete the survey and send the response.

He will see this view after completing the survey.

Agent will receive the message, after completing the survey.

Now you can read the customer response.


to choose the type of survey presentation.


to choose the survey to present.

Summary type lets you to see overall survey results.

Use cases:
  • checking customer opinion

Detailed type lets you to see the particular survey responses.

Use cases:
  • collecting contact details

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